23 agosto 2011

bozzetto da rivoltare tutto

Ancora lavori in corso, e ce n'è da fare un mucchio. Un po' di pazienza e ne usciremo. Lo dico a me mica a voi. Buon due terzi di agosto!


Still so much to do, but we're going on drawing.

2 commenti:

Mundo Mundaca ha detto...

Hi Laura,They're pretty much their last pictures .. I love the effect of this setting as graceful watercolors.
Could you tell me what kind of pen you use to make black stroke on the watercolor.?
I ask this because I experienced BIC pen has an effect and not as light as your design .. I think maybe I should use something with the smaller end...

alkemilla ha detto...

Hi dearie!
I used a 0,05 point waterproof ink pen (Staedtler pigment liner).
Try that. You'll need to be patient, but the results are nice.