6 dicembre 2007

grazie Maureen!!

Salve! Oggi approfitto del web per ri-ringraziare la mia Flickr-amica Maureen Shaughnessy, del Montana (Usa), che qualche tempo fa ha pubblicato nel suo bel blog, Raven's nest, una selezione di miei disegni di alberi.

Dice così (traduco a grandi linee): "Laura Medei ha sviluppato uno stile bizzarro e sognante con i suo disegni e dipinti di alberi; le sue opere non mancano mai di colpirmi e ispirarmi quando visito il suo album su Flick."
Thank you Maureen!
Hi friends! Today I'd like to thank my dear Flickr-friend Maureen Shaughnessy, from Montana (Usa), for having published some of my illustrations of trees into her amazing blog, Raven's nest.
She said: "Laura Medei has developed a whimsical, dreamlike style with her paintings and sketches of trees (above) and her artwork never fails to delight and inspire me when I visit her Flickr album of sketches. If you enjoy her uplifting style as much as I do, why not check out the rest of her beautiful art?"
Thank you so much Maureen!

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Maureen ha detto...

You are most welcome and I have to say I love your art, always always. I hope you are well. It has been a long time since I communicated with you, but I still look at your illustrations to give me a smile!
Maureen Shaughnessy